Corporate Engagement and Sponsorship

We work with emerging social entrepreneurs wherever we find them – including in schools and place-based social enterprises. Their work changes lives.

Across the world, communities are stepping up to address challenges, both local and global. Where private sector markets cannot reach and public sector service provision cannot extend, communities provide. Corporates are part of communities. Working with these changemakers can be inspirational and energising, and a superb way to ensure employee engagement and retention. 

Get Involved with Social Enterprise Schools 

Our social enterprise schools programme enables young people to design, start and operate social enterprises from their schools. This experiential learning gives the young people a sense of agency over their community and over themselves in terms of their own futures. It can reconnect young people with education and develop work-based skills. We invite corporate partners to be part the journey of young social entrepreneurs by being dragons at Dragons’ Dens, being a mentor for a school-based social enterprise or sponsoring our awards and celebration events. 
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Why get Involved?

Our young social entrepreneurs are inspirational. We want to introduce you to them, to invite you to our events, marketplaces and celebrations of learning. We want you and your staff to be inspired by their work and become part of their journey in some way. 

Involvement can be tailored according to the interests of your staff team. It can involve enabling work in your community which would not otherwise have happened.  

Get Involved

Examples of our current corporate Social Enterprise Schools Partnerships.