Global Learning Lab

The Global Learning Lab is at the heart of the Academy. It strives to increase the number of opportunities which lead to transformational learning impacting more communities across the world.

The Global Learning Lab team drive innovation of our programmes by looking externally to identify new opportunities to bring transformational learning to our learners

We maintain the quality and Academy Methodology that is our niche through providing accredited programmes and continuous development of our global network of facilitatorsWe confidently measure and demonstrate the impact our learners have on their wider communities through sharing powerful impact stories.

What do we do?

To continue serving our communities well, we need organisations to be sustainable and resilient, well-structured and well led with learning and development cultures. To drive this, the Global Learning Lab aims to raise the profile of learning and development, share new thinking and provide thought leadership, bringing a deeper understanding of the practice of learning and development, leadership and entrepreneurship to impact ecosystems around the world.
Our Methodology

Innovate Learning & Development Programmes

Drawing on our Global Community of Practice and from international research and insights, the Global Learning Lab designs and develops new learning and development programmes and resources. Our Global Community of Practice is made up of over 140 practitioner learning facilitators who share their experience, perspectives and local adaptations. The Global Learning Lab also supports and encourages our country teams to innovate programmes to meet the needs of their learners and their context.

Informed by new innovations, a core baseline of programmes that can be drawn on across the International Network is maintained and enhanced by the Learning Lab.
Our Programme Prospectus

Assurance & Accreditation

Assure Quality

Offering high-quality, transformational learning experiences is at the heart of what we do. As a learning organisation, the Social Enterprise Academy aims to understand and demonstrate the difference we make and improve the impact of our model. To assure the quality of our delivery, the Global Learning Lab works with our network of country teams to support the development of their Learning Facilitators and measure the impact of their programmes. Linked to the Kirkpatrick model of learning evaluation, we track the contribution of our work at an individual, organisational and societal level. Our work is independently evaluated, read our latest impact report.

Accredit Practice

Many of our programmes are accredited, meaning learners can gain formal qualifications as recognition for their learning. Assessments focus on learning from work-based situations, helping learners to apply what they learn during their programme and beyond. The Global Learning Lab is responsible for ensuring we retain our affiliation with GCU (Glasgow Caledonian University) and continues to expand the Academy’s offering of credit rated programmes. With the growing demand for accredited learning, the Global Learning Lab is also able to support other organisations who are considering accrediting their own programmes or training.

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