Social Enterprise Schools England

In 2022, we relaunched Social Enterprise Schools in England, working with 52 schools and 1,100 young people over the course of the year.

We believe in the power of social entrepreneurship to help young people reach their full potential. 

This year, we are bringing Social Enterprise Schools to London and beyond: working with young people in Hounslow, Enfield, Lambeth, Greenwich, Barking & Dagenham, Havering, Newham and West Sussex.   

More than ever, we need social entrepreneurship to tackle the challenges we face as a society.

How Social Enterprise Schools works: 

Social Enterprise Schools is a pupil-led programme which is delivered by social entrepreneurs who are experts at facilitating groups of young people. It is based around asking groups two key questions: 

Question 1: What do you care about?  

We ask young people to reflect on their local communities and identify an issue that they genuinely care about and want to solve. This could be about the environment, the economy, helping their local area, or anything else… the choice is theirs! 


Question 2: How will you make change happen?

We inspire young people to create a real-life social enterprise in school, supporting them as they launch their idea and social change. Their social enterprise idea will depend on their identified issue. 

Read more about the impact of Social Enterprise Schools in and outside of London in 2022-2023:

See one of our Dragons’ Dens in action

Through Social Enterprise Schools, we help young people reach their full potential, as they develop a range of critical skills, become more employable and have a meaningful impact on their communities. 



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