AVPN Conference 2022: A celebration

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The AVPN Conference 2022 explored the potential of social entrepreneurship and investment in unlocking Asia’s potential for the next generation. 

The conference took place in Bali from the 21 – 24 of June 2022 and welcomed over 1,100 delegates from around the globe. Asia has some of the richest and poorest countries on the planet – this year’s conference revolved around the theme of ‘The Asian Decade’ – exploring the opportunities for social investors, philanthropists, corporates, policymakers, and social entrepreneurs to help bridge the gap of these inequalities for future generations.  

Asia's dynamism and creativity never fail to excite me, and these were abundant in Bali. The diversity of delegates present; the sense of making things happen and shaping the future for The Asian Decade propelled our energy for creating greater impact. Partnerships and collaborations are fundamental to achieving the SDGs and we must not pay lip service to the importance of working together and genuinely collaborating across disciplines and sectors.

I am excited by Asia and by its bold and brave ambitions for a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable world.

Jakira Khanam, Head of International SEA

‘Light A Spark’ session 

We co-curated the ‘Light a Spark, Make a Change: Skills for the Next Generation of Social Entrepreneurs’ interactive session alongside AVPN. It explored ways to prepare young people for life after school in an ever-changing world. It also looked at how social enterprise can be used as a practical way for young people to develop skills in key areas, such as; creativity, financial literacy and leadership.  

The session was designed around the theme of The Asian Decade and around the statistics: there are 750 million young people aged 15 to 24 years in the Asia Pacific – that’s 60% of the world’s youth. This means these skills are even more vital to the development of nations throughout Asia, as explored by Jakira in an article for AVPN. 

Of the session, Naina Batra, CEO of AVPN said: 

“At AVPN, we are delighted to work with Social Enterprise Academy to create opportunities for young people to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills to help them unlock their potential. Over half of the world’s youth live in Asia and many of them face enormous challenges in terms of employment opportunities, poverty, and lack of education. This program empowers young people to take charge of the future and gives them the skills to build better economic outcomes for themselves and their communities.” 

 We were grateful for our amazing panel who gave some invaluable advice about their own career journeys, their inspiring personal stories resonated strongly with the audience. The session received a wave of positive feedback, take a look at some of the key takeaways from the session below. These wonderful graphic recordings were created by Yasmin: 



 The team had many highlights throughout the conference, but some of their standout memories included:  

  • Minister Sandiaga S. Uno‘s brilliant keynote:  “In the past, the three S was: sun, sea and sand. We’re moving this to serenity, spirituality and sustainability. This way we’re getting better quality and a better impact for the local economy”. 
  • Naina Subberwal Batra’s powerful opening speech: “the AVPN platform belongs to you. A call for action for Asian leaders to step up for the Asian decade and turn ideas into action. When most people think of Asia they think of India and China. Asia is a force with 42% of the world’s wealth.  The region will witness the largest transfer of capital between generations.”  
  • The Launch of the Youth Opportunities Platform, a collaboration between AVPN and Citi is bold and ambitious and will bring together stakeholders across the region to support youth impact. 
  • Investing in Asia’s human capital as a key driver to the region’s inclusive and sustainable developments highlighted in the ‘Building the Talent Pipeline’ session: https://lnkd.in/eC-5UaAR