Unveiling Brilliance: Highlights from the Australia Social Enterprise Schools Awards 2023

Celebrating the Social Enterprise Schools Awards 2023 in Australia.

  • Author SEA Australia Team
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  • Duration 10 minutes

The buzz of creativity, resilience, and passion echoed through cyberspace as the Australia Social Enterprise Schools Awards 2023 unfolded virtually, bringing together a diverse array of young minds dedicated to making a positive impact on their communities. Despite the challenges of remote learning, the next generation of social entrepreneurs showcased their remarkable progress at the annual Market Day hosted at the historic Old Beechworth Gaol in October 2023.

This year’s event was more than just an awards ceremony; it was a celebration of the incredible progress made by students, teachers, and schools across Australia in their social enterprise endeavours. The virtual platform served as a stage for these young changemakers to highlight their innovative projects and the positive changes they’ve initiated within their communities. The social enterprises presented at the awards addressed a wide spectrum of important social and environmental causes. From sustainable initiatives to community welfare projects, the variety of enterprises showcased the commitment to creating a better world.

The Market Day hosted at the Old Beechworth Gaol allowed the entrepreneurs to present their products, share their stories and engage with a broader audience. It was also a fantastic way to celebrate their progress with peers in person!

In celebration of World Social Enterprise Day in November 2023, 10 Australian and 10 Malaysian student-led social enterprises from the Social Enterprise Schools programme united for a virtual international collaboration. The young changemakers shared their enterprise’s purpose, impact, and the challenges they faced, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas. This international meeting proved to be not only educational but also filled with laughter, highlighting the global camaraderie and collective growth within the social enterprise community.

Congratulations to all the young people, teachers and schools who participated in this year’s Social Enterprise Schools Awards in Australia. Your dedication to creating positive change is commendable, and we look forward to witnessing the continued impact of your social enterprises on the world. A huge thank you also to its year’s sponsors and supporters: NE Tracks LLEN, Mansfield District Community Bank, East Gippsland Community Foundation, The Yulgilbar Foundation, Wilderness Collective and The William Buckland Foundation.

Together, we are nurturing a generation of changemakers who are reshaping the landscape of social entrepreneurship in Australia and beyond. Find out more about the schools involved using our interactive graphic below: