The Social Enterprise Academy launched in Malaysia in 2017 in collaboration with our local partner, neOOne. 

If you would like to collaborate with us in Malaysia please contact our international team for more information. 

Social Enterprise Schools Pilot

By giving young people in Malaysia a real-life experience of running their own social enterprise, this programme delivers transformational learning which impacts them, their school and their community.

More than 200 upper primary pupils from 20 schools across Malaysia had the opportunity to sharpen their financial literacy skills to raise funds to address causes they care about. The polite was designed to merge the learning of financial literacy through experiencing and learning about Social Enterprise.  

This was made possible through a collaboration with the newly launched Good SENS – an initiative by Financial Industry Collective Outreach (FINCO) to promote financial literacy among young students in Malaysia. 

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Connecting with Peers Internationally

This Global Meet-up session allowed young people in Malaysia to connect with other classes from Scotland also embarking on their social enterprise journeys through Social Enterprise Schools. 

These sessions offer a unique space for sharing experiences, skills and a chance for pupils to engage with peers internationally – developing their learning on a global scale.

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Project VISION

Project VISION saw pioneering young people from Scotland and Malaysia come together in a virtual space to explore their climate change solutions using videography as a tool for change.