Social Enterprise Schools

What is Social Enterprise Schools – and how does it help change the world?

Innovated in partnership with The Scottish Government, Social Enterprise Schools enables every young person to step up, realise their potential, and create the change they want to see in the world. 

By giving young people a real life experience of running their own social enterprise in school, this fully-funded programme delivers transformational learning which impacts both them and their community.


How does Social Enterprise Schools work?

Our pupil-led programme supports young people to identify the environmental or social issue they want to solve and inspires them to establish a business to make that change happen.

Guided by principles of compassion, inclusion and participation, young people of all ages and abilities run a business with social impact while developing essential skills for life, learning and work. Hover over the images below to find out more.

What impact does Social Enterprise Schools have?

Social Enterprise Schools has already reached 900 schools across Scotland.

It has been shown to build individual confidence and wellbeing; establish effective personal, learning and entrepreneurial skills; and nurture young people’s lifelong sense of social justice.

How can you get involved?