Social Enterprise Schools

In 2007, we launched Social Enterprise Schools in Scotland, and since then we have worked with 55,000 young people in 7 countries across the world. It is a pupil-led programme which is delivered by social entrepreneurs who are experts at facilitating groups of young people. 

More than ever, we need social entrepreneurship to tackle the challenges we face as a society.

We ask groups two key questions:  

What do you care about?

We ask young people to reflect on their local communities and identify an issue that they genuinely care about and want to solve. This could be about the environment, the economy, helping their local area, or anything else… the choice is theirs! 

How will you make change happen?

We inspire young people to create a real-life social enterprise in school, supporting them as they launch their idea and social change. Their social enterprise idea will depend on their identified issue. 


The Impact

Learn more about the impactful journey of the Social Enterprise Schools programme. Delve into stories of community empowerment, transformative education and the ripple effect of positive community change brought about by inspiring young changemakers.

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Ready to get involved?

Use the map below to find out more about getting started with the Social Enterprise Schools programme in your region or find out more about how it works locally.

Social Enterprise Schools’ impact on young people’s confidence, agency and resilience rivals any programme I’ve seen in a decade of teaching in New York City schools. They give a voice to the voiceless and allow students who might not succeed in a traditional academic environment to flourish and thrive.

Roxanne A Binaso, Fulbright Scholar and PhD Candidate researching ‘The Role of Social Enterprise in Education’