Social Enterprise Schools Awards

Each year in June we celebrate schools that have set up and developed a sustainable social enterprise and we proudly host the annual Social Enterprise Academy Awards!

An exciting opportunity to share & learn

This annual event provides an exciting opportunity for young people to share their learning, network with other Social Enterprise Schools and swap ideas for future ventures! There are a number of Award categories for Social Enterprise Schools to choose, ranging from Global to Champion Awards, all recognising the aims and impact young people are successfully achieving. Your local Education Manager can provide support and further information about this years’ Awards.

What does an awards market place look like?

In June 2023, we welcomed schools from across Scotland to celebrate the social enterprises they have been running to solve the social and environmental issues they care about. Awards were also given out for all of their hard work! Hear from the teachers, young people and organisations that attended our SEA Awards and get a glimpse of the marketplace and ceremony.


Get involved

If you are interested in sponsoring our Awards event or if you would like to represent your organisation and explore the social enterprise stalls running at the Awards marketplace, please get in touch.
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