ASEAN Social Enterprises Development Programme: A celebration

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The ASEAN SEDP is an accelerator programme developed to effectively empower youth social entrepreneurship across South East Asia, ensuring the region exists now and long into the future as a thriving hub for global and local social enterprises. It gives learners unique and invaluable insights from industry leaders, including a tailored mentorship programme throughout  


It also exists to secure learning and development opportunities for social entrepreneurs in the future, both through engaging with new skillsets and also in a financial capacity. The programme that took place in 2021 included learners from across the ASEAN states, allowing for connection and discussion from like-minded individuals on similar journeys that would have not been possible otherwise  

In Conversation with Tessa Charupatanapongse 

We asked Tessa Charupatanapongse, programme participant and founder of Mind Terra (previously on the Borderless360 team) how they found their learning experience:  

Overall, how did ASEAN SEDP impact you?  

“The programme gave us the opportunity to think deeply about our business and how to grow it alongside industry experts and mentors. We had the opportunity to interact with, learn from, and connect with a cohort of like-minded leaders who care about the world and making it a better place. It was also my first time pitching, and it was a great experience to have.We walked away with a box of tools to use down the road, connections and friends to help us get where we want to go.” 

What was it like collaborating with the facilitators and mentors? 

“The mentorship has been huge in helping us figure out our direction and tell our story. And of course, the funds will be monumental help in kicking off our projects.Walking us through all the tools and frameworks step by step was immensely useful. Getting to experience it in the sessions was one thing, but doing it with our mentor was where we really integrated the learning. Individualized support and the space to ask questions and use the tools ourselves were all also invaluable.” 

Demo Day – pitching event: 

As part of the programme’s conclusion, we facilitated a Demo Day which gave all of the participants the opportunity to pitch for seed funding of $7,000. 3 social enterprises one this top amount, whilst the other 17 all received a microgrant of $500. This meant all of the participants left the programme, not just with new skills to support them on their social entrenpenuarial journey for life, but also funding to develop their business in a tangible way that carries longevity. For some, this was also the first time pitching for funding, a key skill in any business situation.



What a wonderful programme! It is inspiring to work with such enterprising, passionate and self-driven youth from the region. The diversity in cultural background, passion and goals made it even more enriching - not just for the cohorts but for the facilitators as well".

Foo Chuen Yong, Social Enterprise Academy Facilitator

The ASEAN SEDP social enterprise map: 




To find out more about ASEAN, visit the official website.