Project VISION: A Celebration

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VISION promotes the role of awareness, resilience and collaboration in response to climate change. Finding solutions through shared experience across different cultures. 


To start off, our participants were asked to visualise what they think the beginning of positive change looks like. There was a big emphasis on the role of still & moving imagery in communication throughout. 

Below are the results – what would yours be? 


In Conversation with RuYi Teh 

We asked RuYi Teh, programme participant and founder of The Ripple Effect about their learning experience… 

Overall, how did VISION impact you?  

“Project VISION focused a lot on storytelling; through the stories and through listening, it cultivated our senses and through the probing questions, it prompted us to reflect more. I think the programme helped us to understand ourselves more, and through that it helped me to connect with my community. I know myself more and I could share more with them, which stimulated our empathy as well!”

What was it like collaborating with the facilitators and other participants? 

“The facilitators asked us to ask questions and to question ourselves through feedback. Those questions helped us to reflect and then to basically think more. From thinking and asking, empathy just happened! Especially hearing from those in Malaysia was inspiring – people in our country doing so much for the environment. I got a lot of ideas and insights from them as well; I had to evaluate my vision as I asked myself questions or people asked me questions or shared their thoughts.”

This is an edited extract from an interview with RuYi by Naadiah Ahmad Mazlani for Pioneers Post, read the whole interview here. 

Sharing Our Vision event 

‘Sharing our VISION’ took place after the initial VISION programme had finished, an inspiring celebratory event looking at the longevity of the skills and stories developed. Below is a selection of final VISION videos for you to enjoy: 

During VISION, folk who had no idea who each other were bit by bit got to know each other and started to group up, work together and interact. It's fascinating, it's powerful and it's amazing to come to this stage and see, not only the product but changed people as well.

Ewen Munro, Social Enterprise Academy Facilitator

To the future… 

What is next for Project VISION? Hear from staff and our partners below. To find out more about the project – visit the official site here.