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We work with social entrepreneurs wherever we may find them. This means we have worked with social entrepreneurs of all ages, across different sectors and on all corners of the globe, spanning five continents.

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Discover the inspiring journey of the Social Enterprise Schools programme. Explore stories of community empowerment, educational transformation and the far-reaching impact of young agents of change.

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We take a partnership approach in order to support learners in different countries, so that we may understand local contexts, cultures, mindsets and geographies. We simply could not deliver our programmes internationally if it were not for our insightful and collaborative partners.  

We also work with a network of over 130 global facilitators based in a number of countries across the world. The geographical spread of our facilitators allows us to be responsive to new work, matching our facilitators to relevant programmes and creating meaningful learning experiences for our learners all over the world. 

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Country Teams

Our country teams act as SEA offices in different countries around the world. They contain staff teams as well as facilitator teams, meaning programmes can be developed and delivered in these country contexts across the globe.

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